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Leaderboard Pro


The free version of the Leaderboard is great for small affiliates, but if you want to move up to the next level to really add some professional value to your box, you’ll want to invest in the Leaderboard Pro.

Leaderboard Pro Features:

The Leaderboard Pro lets you easily organize and enter WODs and athlete scores for your affiliate:

The Leaderboard Pro lets you organize WODs into groups and put up your own custom logo.

Organize WODs into groups and put up your own custom logo.

We’ve made it easy to enter long lists of athletes. Here’s what you might see in the free Leaderboard:


An unorganized list of athletes that looks sort of sloppy.

With the Leaderboard Pro it’s easy to sort:


Just click an arrow to sort up or down. It works for times, weights, and even rounds & reps.

You can set how many athletes you want to show in the list:


Showing the top 5 athletes.

The rest can by seen by clicking the little arrow at the bottom.  This lets you put everybody who Rx’d into the list but still keeps things looking nice.


Lief and Lisa M. can still see their times.

Here’s the settings panel.  We keep it simple:


The “title” is what shows up for the browser tab.

List of features:

  • No Ads
  • Use your own Custom Header Logo
  • Collapsible Athlete lists
  • Automatic score sorting
  • Organize Workouts into Groups
  • Backup/Restore
  • Fast support and setup help
  • Upgrades (we’re open to suggestions)

Future Features (planned and testing):

  • Distinction for Master’s athletes
  • Athlete score self-submission
  • Hide athlete by name (for those that quit)
  • Animated auto-scrolling (for display on a big TV in your box)
  • Random Leaderboard single-WOD display widget.

The Value of a Good Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is not just a fancy little toy or sugar sprinkled on top of your affiliate.  It’s not just a page of names and scores, it’s a monument to the accomplishments of those who have labored and fought through your workouts.  Your athletes will see their names engraved in digital stone in the history books of your affiliate.  Do you suppose a veteran of a war whose statue stands in his country will ever want to leave that country? Exactly!

The Leaderboard Pro allows you to keep a history of all your athletes, even the ones that don’t make it to the top, while still maintaining a cool, visually pleasing, well-organized appearance.  Help your athletes realize the importance of their accomplishments by upgrading to the Leaderboard Pro today!

Sign Up!

Using the Leaderboard Pro is only $20/mo.  If you’ve been using the free Leaderboard, your account will be upgraded and you won’t lose any of your old wod/athlete data.

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Get the Leaderboard Pro:


Upgrade to Leaderboard Pro


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You are not currently logged into Site Gone Bad.  If you already have a free Leaderboard, in order to keep your data from that Leaderboard, you must log in as the user associated with that Leaderboard, then refresh this page.

Create New Account and New Leaderboard:


Leaderboard Pro with New Account


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Sign up now and your first month is free!
If you decide it’s not worth it, just cancel before the month is done.


Cancelling / Downgrading

You can cancel at any time from within your PayPal account.  Your Leaderboard Pro will work until the end of that pay period, then it will downgrade to the free Leaderboard without losing any of your athlete/WOD data.