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Web Design

We build all our websites on top of WordPress, which is a blogging content management system that allows ordinary people to login and create and edit their own content, so that they don’t have to keep paying a techie to do it.  If you don’t have a WordPress site already, we’ll either create one and host it for you, or we’ll help you set it up on your own hosting.

We then can design a custom theme for you and install it on your WordPress site.  For the design process we’ll send you some graphic prototype images of how the site will look in order to get your feedback and make sure you like it before we actually turn it into a website.

The base price starts at $500, which would be a simpler site with only a few custom graphics.  (Something like CrossFit So ILL in our portfolio).

If you want something completely custom, like Mase’s Place Bar & Grill (see our portfolio), which consists almost entirely of snazzy custom graphics, then you’ll have to pay around $1000.  Of course, the price varies, depending on what you want, and we’ll quote you a price before we begin.

For a price quote, just fill out this form.  Try to find one or two other sites whose appearance you admire and paste their addresses in the form, then describe what you like about them.  I’ll get back to you shortly after I receive your inquiry.