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Keeping track of the top scores of your athletes is essential for inspiring greatness in your gym.  Knowing the time of your fellow athletes on Fran will help you to push yourself harder.  If Jim can get sub-3, then I can get sub-3.  Mindy got sub-2 on Grace, and she’s fat!  I’ll beat her next time!  Such thoughts will be racing through the heads of your athletes, stirring up their envy and will to push harder, faster.

But, my friend, how can they be envious of times and reps they do not know?  Indeed, they may know their own score, but that of others rarely sticks in their memory.  Yes, they might remember Fran, or Grace, or max deadlift, but what about when they see you have scheduled Barbara, or Isabel, or Kelly, or max hang-snatch, and they can’t remember what score they ought to beat?  How can they adequately prepare?

What you need is an online version of your leaderboard.  But it would be so much trouble to make a page and format it. Oh really? What if it were an easy-to-use widget? Oh, that would be nice, but I’m sure it would cost a lot.  Oh, no, but what if it were free? I’m sure it would be hard to install.  Oh, no, my friend, coach, it’s as easy as copying and pasting a bit of text onto your website.  Really?  Could it get any simpler?  Yes, you can also just link to it.

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