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The Umbro Corsica, a great cleat for the occasional player.

These cleats from Umbro are really inexpensive and can be found in many sportings-goods stores.  They are very comfortable and perform well, but they can fall apart quickly.  Considering their low price, good comfort, and fragile nature, they are the perfect cleats for anyone who just plays soccer and other field sports occasionally.


First of all, the Corsica is very inexpensive and should cost between $25 and $30.  Second, they are very comfortable and work perfectly for running around in grass playing soccer.  Their top is some sort of plastic leather, and the tongue protrudes out in a large flap that covers the tops of the shoelaces, which I suppose keeps them from being untied.


The tongue flap has an elastic strap that goes around the bottom of the shoe to keep the flap down against the top of the shoe.  This strap gets sort of muddy.  While my own straps have never broken, one of the straps on my friend’s Corsicas was broken while he was playing, I think because somebody stepped on his foot.

A problem with my own pair is that one of the shoelace holes has broken, as you can see if you look closely in the picture.  I think it happened when somebody stepped on my foot.  The plastic leather is not thickly enough reinforced around that area of the shoe, in my opinion.  Still, the shoe has otherwise held up for me through probably more than twenty games.


I recommend these shoes to anyone who will just be playing soccer occasionally.  They function perfectly and are comfortable, but their construction can too easily be destructed to hold up to regular play.  Sometimes when you buy shoes you can add an extra insurance option for a few extra dollars which allows you to return the shoe and get it replaced if ever there is a problem.  I could have done this at Dick’s for an extra $5, and it probably would have been a good idea with this particular shoe.