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Energizing and even tasty when mixed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt.

I like to call myself a raw vegan sometimes, and sometimes I really am a raw vegan for several hours or even for a whole day.  I like the idea of getting all my nourishment from vegetables simply because they are so clean and refreshing.  I don’t think that they will give me cancer, no matter how I excessively I consume them.  I am very active, however, going to “Elite-Fitness” at least 5 times a week, and my body needs more protein than the average letharge who can get away with a normal raw vegan diet.

For those of us who exercise, either bodybuilding or aerobics, or mixing the two (ala “Elite-Fitness”), there are two main nutritional areas which we must satisfy: first, our nutrition must give us sustainable energy during the workout; second, our nutrition must build up our muscles and recover us after the workout.  I believe that I have found a very good raw vegan solution to the first need, but only a mediocre one to the second.

That is why I recommend eating a bowl of this sprout mix a couple of hours before a workout, and then a bowl after, but I also say that you’ll need some other protein source to build up your muscles after, like raw milk, eggs, or meat.

Here is the mix:

  • 4 parts sunflower seeds
  • 2 parts french lentils
  • 1 part hard wheat berries

Just mix these together in a jar, like an applesauce jar.  Punch some holes in the lid with a hammer and nail so that you can drain it.  Then:

  • Soak for 8 hours
  • Drain water
  • Rinse again every 12 hours (fill with water then immediately drain)

If you do this then within 24 hours you’ll see that the sunflower seeds are growing longer and within 48 hours the lentils and wheat berries will have little white tails.  As soon as you see the tails appear on the lintels it is time to put the jar into the refrigerator to inhibit further growth which will only increase undesirable flavors and provide a habitat for mold.

To eat, I recommend filling a bowl with the sprouts mixing them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt.  They really taste pretty good this way and will provide you with a lot of plant proteins. Here are the specific benefits of each ingredient:

  • Sunflower Seeds:  according to this article, sunflower seeds form inside of them a complete protein once sprouted.  They also contain healthy fats, which are essential for building muscle.
  • Green French Lentils: these are packed with high protein, supposedly also complete with every amino acid when sprouted.  See my previous article about sprouted lentils.
  • Sprouted Wheat Berries: I know a lot of people say that wheat is bad because it has too much starch, but actually when wheat is sprouted the starch is converted into simple sugars, like the type you’d find in fruit, which provideyou with sustained and healthy energy.  There are other benefits as well, as found in this article.

If you really want some extra vegi-power, then you can add sprouted raw peanuts into the mix.  They’ll really give you a boost, and are probably the healthiest of the lot, except that peanuts almost always grow a mold toxin called aflatoxin that causes liver cancer, and not just in lab rats.

Anyways, you should try making this power sprout mix.  Eat it every day like I’ve instructed and you will become much more powerful and athletic.  The seeds also become more vegetable-like when sprouted, so you won’t have to eat as many other vegetables and fruits to get the same vitamins.   Ever since I started eating this sprout mix I began to do very well on the workouts at “Elite-Fitness”, compared both to my previous self and to my fellow “Elite-Fitness”eers.