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Here it is, the Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope.

In “Elite-Fitness” the only jump-roping task we are ever required to do, without exception (excepting otherwise), is double-undering.  The user of the jump rope must jump into the air while compelling the rope two times beneath his/her feet before landing once again on the ground.  A slow or sluggish rope forces the user to jump very high and twist the handles with such great vigor that soon the user loses their energy and must throw the rope down, exhausted, looking up at the counting clock with panting despair.

However, if the user happens to be the possessor of an Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope, a rope whose handles each consist of a fast twisting dowel on ball-bearings, able to rotate the lightweight and sturdy cable at extreme and even dangerous velocities, then that user will need only take a slight hop, and twist his/her wrists only slightly, even minutely, and he will find that the rope travels almost automatically twice beneath his barely raised feet.  This is the Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope.

I have also used other jump ropes: the noodle-ropes, mushy and inconsistent.  I cannot recommend them except to my enemies.

The side that can't be adjusted.

I have used rx jump ropes.  I can recommend these.  They are expensive and heavier than Ultra Speed Cable Jump Ropes and will wear out your arms faster, but they are much easier to use, especially for a beginner.  If you want to do something other than double-unders, I recommend rx jump ropes, because they are so manageable and predictable.  But one other thing I can say about rx jump ropes is that the man I know who had one now uses an Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope.

There is nothing quite as good for double-unders as the Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope.

The screw by which the length of rope can be adjusted and confirmed.

Besides its excellent operational qualities, the Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope is extremely durable.  The handles are made of a simple plastic and metal spinning mechanism.  The cable is sturdy clothesline wire that is threaded metal wires covered in plastic.  To adjust the wire, there is a small screw that one untightens, then retightens at the desired length.  The rope is simple and reliable, and the price is reflective of its simplicity.  You can get the Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope for $13.95 at‘s Amazon store.  If you want a good deal on a bulk set of them go directly to