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It wasn’t my idea to make Huarache sandals out of my flip-flops.  I saw a picture of someone else’s Huarache flip-flops on a webpage.  Do you see how my toes are bent and scrunched together?  I have been running for too long in tight shoes.  I had to run 5.1 miles the night that I made my flip-flop Huaraches.  I wanted this run to be different.  I wanted my toes to begin to splay out like fingers.

To make the Huaraches, you get a shoelace and string it through both sides of the flip-flop band and then wrap it around your ankle.  The more times you can wrap it around your ankle before tying it, the better it will stay on.  I only wrapped mine around once, and one of my shoes fell off once, but most of the time they stayed on and felt secure.

It was good to feel the wind blowing across my bare feet.  I stayed very cool on the run.  My feet sweated and the sweat evaporated as intended.  My ankles, shins, knees, and calves felt good.  My splayed toes helped to absorb the hardness of the road.  I felt natural.  I felt Mexican.  I did not feel yo quiero Mexican, I felt p’urhepecha Mexican.