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Think about how ashamed you would feel if you knew that you could easily do more for the fundraising efforts of Fight Gone Bad 6, but that you didn’t. Well, you can do more, and it’s quite easy, so now you have to make a choice: will you do it, or will you feel ashamed? I know what I will do, and I know what “Elite-Fitness” So ILL is doing, and we aren’t ashamed.

That’s because we didn’t just stop with the standard FGB6 widget. We’ve made a really annoying FGB6 Donate button that will float around on your webpage and chase the mouse cursor until the user clicks it and goes to your donation page. This way we are getting the maximum amount of donations from people who might not have otherwise noticed.

So, do you want to rid yourself of guilt and increase the effectiveness of your good deeds? Then get the Agressive FGB6 Widget for your own page, and take a look at the widget in action at “Elite-Fitness” So ILL (until Sept. 17th, 2011, at least).