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Sometimes when I am looking around I see different objects but I notice a common theme or pattern that binds them all together in my mind as being related.  When I see an orange pepper, a green one, and a red one, I say to myself, these are all peppers, and when I see something that goes on a foot and has a sole, I say: that’s a shoe, and when I see a shoe with three stripes I say, that’s an Adidas shoe.

Some people like the brand with three stripes, perhaps because it reminds them of France, and it gives them hope that they will one day experience the romance and sophisticated glamour of Paris.  Some people, or, at least, one person for sure, that is, myself, feels “euro-cool” when wearing Adidas shoes.  I feel like I could walk the streets of modern Europe without any questioning or doubtful glances from its general populace, if only the three white stripes of my Sambas were peeping out beneath my skinny jeans.

I want you to take a look at three types of Adidas shoes that I have seen people use for “Elite-Fitness”.  I think it will be good for you, and you might even want to buy a pair, though I will try to convince you otherwise.

Adidas Samba Classic

Has anyone who has attended more than a few “Elite-Fitness” classes not seen a pair of these Adidas shoes carrying a person through a WOD?  Perhaps a blind man or a man who never looks down, but all else have undoubtedly.  The Adidas Sambas are designed for indoor soccer.  They have a nice gum-rubber outsole, a comfortable upper, and extremely good lateral support.  You’ll notice that the outsole has a circle grip under the ball of the foot which allows for easy pivoting.

The Samba looks elegant and stunning, a mix of cool and composed, that melts the shoppers restraint.  You are undoubtedly reaching for your credit card, about to click this link to buy the Adidas Sambas at Zappos, and to watch their video review and see the shoe from every angle.  But wait!  Don’t buy them yet!  I have to tell you something that is bad about them:

They have a noticeable heel-to-toe drop.  From the outside they appear to have a perfectly flat heel, but when you look inside and wear them, you immediately notice they are not really so flat.  The heels are so large that I am afraid they may promote heel striking.  That’s why, if I were you and I were looking for a fashionable “Elite-Fitness” shoe, I would rather buy the Asics Tiger Mexico 66.  Or read my article, The Latest and Greatest “Elite-Fitness” Shoes, for even better options.

Adidas AdiZero XT Trail

The only reason why I bring up this shoe is because it is what Chris Spealler is wearing in the 2010 Adidas “Elite-Fitness” Games commercial.  You only see the shoes for a few seconds of the clip, but it is enough to make you subconsciously associate all of Chris Spealler’s hard work and success with the shoes he is wearing.  Here is a picture of them from the video:

After conducting some research on the shoe I have determined that Chris Spealler probably was not wearing them in full sincerity, but was perhaps influenced in some way by the Adidas corporation.  The Adizero XT Trail shoes appear to have a rather large heel-to-toe drop and their traction is a bit too “aggressive” for the gym floor and meant more for the rough trail.  I will not even provide a link to buy these shoes because I don’t think you should buy them.

Chris Spealler was not just playing a game in those shoes.

Adidas Rod Lavers

Rod Lavers was a tennis star who did something-or-other that was very memorable to particular people, and he got a shoe named after him.  I am only mentioning this shoe because on this page it says that Chris Spealler sometimes wears them.  I do not do everything that Chris Spealler does, nor do I wear everything that he wears, but I have a healthy interest in his apparel.

The Rod Lavers Tennis shoes are probably a lot like the Sambas but they don’t look very good, in my opinion, unless you like lime green.  If I were you I would rather get Sambas.


None of these shoes are very good because they all have a heel-to-toe drop.  If you must have an Adidas shoe, then I’d buy the Samba Classic.  Otherwise, I recommend one of the Merrill Trail Glove, the New Balance Minimus Trail, or the Inov-8 F-Lite 195 (see my reviews of them: The Latest and Greatest “Elite-Fitness” shoes).

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