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If you have ever sweated before then you know how important it is to wear some sort of deodorant underneath your arm pits. Sometimes, especially during “Elite-Fitness”, I put a lot of demand on the sweat glands in my underarms and make them produce torrents of that cooling liquid. The problem is that this bodily fluid eventually mixes with bacteria who don’t keep their smells to themselves.

I saw the Tom’s of Maine Deodorant on the shelf at the super market. The label read “Crystal Confidence.” I said to myself:

“Crystal Confidence! That’s what I need! I need to know that I’ll smell ‘crystal clear’ and fresh!”

I worked out three mathematical formulas to clearly express this deodorant’s effect:

toms + sweat = smell
rubbing_alcohol + toms + sweat = small_smell
rubbing_alcohol + sweat = small_smell

If you do the math, you end up with this:

sweat = smell
toms = zero

In conclusion, Tom’s of Main Crystal Confidence has absolutely no effect on the smell of your armpits. If you spray them with rubbing alcohol first, however, you’ll find that the smell is reduced greatly, with or without Tom’s. Even if you want to try applying some Tom’s, good luck getting the roller ball to roll!