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I do not say that it will be elite, I say that it is elite, because the New Balance Minimus Zero already exists.  We cannot yet touch it or wear it, yet we can see it through our dim digital portal, a vague representation of what it will be, until we finally have them snugly tied around our feet.

The New Balance Minimus Zero. They are the color of ripe mango flesh. Do you see how he holds the shoe? Delicately, as though it were an idol.

Do you think that they are not elite?  They have a zero millimeter drop between heel to toe.  So do the Merrells.  Yes, but look at the sole of this shoe.  Do you see how the rubber and the padding are cored out to make the shoe lighter?  That lightness is not a joke.  How light are they?  Are you ready? Yes. They are 4.5oz.

The sole is perfect.

I can see how that fact has sent you back onto the floor, winded, gasping because the great surprise of their lightness has taken away your breath.  Four and a half oz.  That is the weight of a few leaves of lettuce, or of half an apple, or of a kiwi.  Look at the cored outsole.  Do you see the yellow?  That is the rubber.  Do you see the black?  That is the 5 and 1/2 millimeter EVA padding.  Do you see the yellow through the black?  That is the upper, peering through the lightweight EVA, glancing at the trail, watching the passing road.

The upper is not a joke, either.  Haha.  No, it is not a joke.  It consists of two pieces of material welded together, with a thin tongue.  I’m sorry, it wasn’t funny.  No, it is not a joke.  The upper is made of a fascinating material, and has little breathing holes.

For many years the world has been calling the common man to become elite, but the common man did not have the right tool.  In Spring 2012 New Balance will provide this tool to all men, the Minimus Zero, and all who wear it will run barefoot-style, with hardly the weight of a plum on each foot.

In the months until Spring 2012 you should become mostly-elite and wear the New Balance Minimus Trail MT20 with a humble 4mm drop or else the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove with a zero millimeter drop.  You can read my review of them here.