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The Mad River Passage 14 Canoe.

Almost everyone on earth feels like they are missing something, deep down inside of them, like they are not perfectly content.  Even very rich people look out on the short-cut grass of their estates that hugs the driveway that leads to their garages filled with Jaguar and Porsche automobiles, and their eye is cold and worn, and inside themselves they hear their soul’s soft voice moaning, It is not enough.

It is not enough.  These are the words that have echoed down in men’s hearts each generation, the battle-cry that unsheathed swords, that forked tongues, that opened purses.  And these very words have been passed on even to you, reader, and they are saying in your heart, even now, as you consider your home, your family, your cars, your job, bank accounts, investment plans, clothes, food, television shows… It is not enough.  You know it is true.  You are still incomplete.

The seats are both stable and comfortable.

What you need is a brand new Mad River Passage 14 Canoe from the Mad River canoeing corporation.  With it’s fourteen foot multi-chine hull, you’ll have a lightweight and durable craft that can easily hold three people and cargo.  The Passage 14 is like the Mad River Adventure 14 canoe, except $200 cheaper!  The hull uses a Swede form asymmetrical shape which favors smooth and fast forward gliding.  The seats have comfortable padded foam backrests that fold down easily for storage.  There are several cup-holders throughout the boat for serious adventurers.  There are many convenient locations, forward and aft, for storing coolers, paddles, tents, and life vests.  The middle seat is form fitted and quite comfortable, even for the little ones.

The Passage 14 from Mad River is extremely durable and will have no trouble bouncing off and scraping along underwater rocks.  It truly glides easily through lake water, and floats swiftly down rivers.  Because it is lightweight and durable, it is an outstanding river canoe.  To show you how light the canoe really is, look at this blurry picture of a skinny man holding a Passage 14 canoe above his head.  If the picture were clearer, you could probably see that there is almost no strain on his face–that’s because it’s just so light.  Really, it’s just 75 pounds, which is just a little bit more weight than your little five year old, who you pick up every day!

Take a close look at their happiness, if you can bear it.

You will notice, or, you would if I hadn’t blurred their faces, that the people sitting in their Passage 14 canoe in the picture above are very happy.  It is impossible, except through false interpretation, to detect any signs of dissatisfaction in their lives.  The people in that Mad River Adventure 14 canoe, it appears, have become truly happy and complete!

Maybe you could appear happy as well, complete in a Passage 14 Canoe?  I cannot guarantee completeness.  In fact, I can only guarantee that it won’t actually make you complete.  But guarantees aside, the Passage 14 is a great canoe.  I recommend ordering one from Dick’s and picking it up in-store to avoid those hefty shipping fees.