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An L-sit iron cross.

Do you want to really strengthen things?
Ok, I think you should get some rings,
Good quality ones that aren’t shoddy.
They are really good for your body,
Just two rings bring many surprises:
You can do several exercises
To bulk your body up
Like ring-dips or a muscle-up
Or gymnastic drills and things.
People who are good at rings,
Who can do the iron cross, go flat at length,
Have tremendous upper-body strength;
They look like bears without fat or fur
Don’t trust me, just look at Yuri van Gelder.
One glance is enough:
He’s really buff.
(Don’t look too long, girls, desire corrupts)
He didn’t get that way just doing push-ups.
He found rings, and strength-gain commenced.


A muscle-up.

Ok, so now you are convinced.
That a pair of gymnast rings are good.
Do you want to get plastic, metal, or wood?
I’ll help you on this endeavour:
Plastic is cheap and won’t last forever,
But the low price is good for some of us.
Metal is solid but is dangerous:
If in some direction they are sped
They might return and hit you in the head.
(That’s not uncommon, by the way)
Wood rings are the best, they say:
All advantage, no regret;
They suck up the sweat,
Your grip will stick and lock,
So you don’t really need chalk,
But they cost a fortune. Oh well.


Wooden Rogue Rings.

If you just want rings for home or trav-el
To hang them from football goals or trees
Maybe you should get these, these, or these.
They’re cheaper, if you’re pocket book is slim.
They’re also good for fitting up a gym:
Get plastic, and save for other things;
Regular people don’t need nice rings,
I doubt that they will care.
But I would also get a wooden pair
From Rogue Fitness, the best of names
Because that’s what they use in the “Elite-Fitness” Games,
I am sure of this;
So they will be good practice.
I’m also sure you’ll be getting to the Games
Because with rings one ends up where one aims
Fitness goals are unreached no longer
Because rings will make you so much stronger.
God bless.

Oh yes,
Make sure to get the ones sized “FIG”,
The other ones are way too big.