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I know that everyone who owns a “Elite-Fitness” gym, or box, or who owns a gym that is sort of like “Elite-Fitness” but isn’t, really would like to have a leaderboard on their website.  Until just a little bit ago, there was no easy way for all these coaches to get what they wanted.  Until just a little bit ago, all the athletes in the “Elite-Fitness” gyms had to come in to the gym to look at the leaderboard.

But a little bit ago has come and gone, and now there is no excuse for these coaches to not fulfill their wildest digital leaderboard dreams.  Site Gone Bad presents…. The Leaderboard Widget.

You will find that the leaderboard widget is extremely easy to use and install.  Please, my friend, if you would like to discuss thise widget, why not do so on the Leadboard Widget Forum Topic.