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coinsWow, you might say, he is going to promote stealing without a trace. 

No, my friends, this is not the article about installing gym lockers with removable back panels.  Nor is it about the “Elite-Fitness” Bookie plugin, or about setting up a donation jar to a self-serving cause.  Today we are going to look at a method that, besides being entirely legal, will not give you any cause to blush upon its unlikely discovery.

Suppose you like to recommend shoes, books, equipment, etc., to your clients.  It’s fitting for you, as a coach who leads them through grueling and strange workouts, to also instruct them what sorts of things to buy that are related to fitness.  You probably already do it, so you have links to shoe stores, to Rogue fitness, to, or wherever.

What you perhaps have never thought of is how valuable your recommendations are to these companies.  The word of an authoritative mouth is powerful and easily leads others to pull out the plastic and check out now.

What if the companies thought they could buy your mouth, could control your tongue, just for a moment, for long enough to send your sheep to their ePasture?

I tell you, innocent coach: they think they can buy your mouth, and they do buy mouths all the time.  They have bought my fingers, which is why my words are directed their way.  They can buy yours, too, and nobody will know it but you.

I’m not for sale.  Ah, but remember, honest coach, you were going to recommend the product anyways?  You can still be honest.  How much money?  Oh, it’s about 5-10% of the sale.  If you sell a $100 pair of shoes, you’ll probably get $9.  It’s too much trouble.  Actually, it’s easy!  You just have to create an account and add a plugin to your WordPress site.  No.  My clients will see that the link looks weird and will question my integrity.  Wrong!  Take a look at my link to Zappos.  Move your mouse over it.  It’s just a plain link to Zappos.  Wrong again!  It actually just appears to be a plain link, but in reality it switches to a special redirection link when clicked, then goes directly to Zappos.

Anytime anybody clicks on that link and buys an item, I’ll automatically get paid.  I can just link to whatever product I feel like, and if that store is supported, I’ll get a commission for the sale.

Ok, I’m totally and completely convinced.  Tell me more!

No!  Why should I tell you? Let them describe themselves: