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coconut_oilSometimes I like to eat coconut oil.  It comes in a jar like in the picture.  That’s my jar, and some of the oil is missing because I ate it.

You probably shouldn’t eat coconut oil.  It’s full of saturated fats.  They’ll raise your cholesterol.

Actually, I have to tell you something that a MD, FPCC, FPCP, FACC named Conrado S. Dayrit once told me:

The reason why coconut oil cannot be atherogenic is basic. Coco oil consists predominantly of 65% medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) and MCFAs are metabolized rapidly in the liver to energy and do not participate in the biosynthesis and transport of cholesterol. Coconut oil, in fact, tends to raise the HDL and lower the LDL:HDL ratio.

Oh, well, it still makes you fat.

Conrado doesn’t agree.  He says:

Coco oil is not deposited in adipose tissues and therefore does not lead to obesity.

I’m sorry that so far you have been wrong twice.  Are you ready to hear what’s good about Coconut oil?

Yes.  I am ready to replace the dry taste of hollow lies with the true rich oil of the Coconut.  I’m sorry that I ever projected those accusations.

It’s alright.  I don’t blame you.  In your old age, the neuronal metabolic processes in your brain are probably faltering.  Your brain usually uses glucose as fuel, but if for some reason it cannot metabolize glucose, or if there is a shortage, as sometimes happens in the elderly, it can fall back to other chemicals such as ketones for fuel.  But without eating Medium Chain Triglycerides, as found in Coconut Oil, nature’s richest source of MCT’s, you won’t have enough MCT’s to produce enough ketones to fuel your brain.  Studies are finding, in fact, that Coconut Oil may be able to prevent or reverse some neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  Did you understand that?


I’m sorry.  Here, have a spoonful of Coconut Oil.  Do you like it?

Wow, it tastes great, and suddenly I’m full of energy!

That’s a good observation.  Did you know:

[Coconut Oil] is primarily an energy supplier and as fast a supplier of energy as sugar.

I could tell you more benefits of Coconut Oil, like how it helps your thyroid, helps athletic performance, how it doesn’t become carcinogenic when you cook with it, and how it has lauric acid, which is anti-bacterial, anti-microbal, anti-viral, and anti-fungal, but I can see that you’re ready to get out there and start living.

Now I will, now that Coconut Oil is with me.


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